About Human Rights Network-Uganda

The Network (HURINET-U) was established in 1993 by a group of eight human rights organizations and was formally registered as an independent, non-partisan and not for profit organization in 1994. The identity of HURINET-U lies with its diverse membership of 60 NGOs. Membership is drawn from organizations that are committed to a wide range of human rights issues which are complementary in terms of areas of focus including; civil and political rights, economic social and political rights, child rights, gender and women’s issues, peace building and conflict resolution, prisoners’ rights, refugee rights and labour rights. Members range from purely Ugandan NGOs. Read more

For immediate release  July 2016

Narrowing Space for Exercise and Enjoyment of Constitutional Rights in the Current Regime Policing in Uganda, July 2016

The state of policing in Uganda following the release of Kiiza Besigye, a former FDC presidential candidate on Bail by the High Court. As you are all aware, there was violation of a number of rights of Ugandans including the right to protection, freedom of assembly, speech and expression and human dignity. Read more

 The Role of Security Agencies in the Electoral Process

election security

This report is a progression from the previous report issued in December 2015 It highlights developments that have taken place between December 2015 and January 2016. The purpose is to keep all stakeholders abraced with emerging issues, concerns as well as key indicators to the credibility of security agencies in delivering professional electoral security. Read more

Security agencies and the electoral process in Uganda: a preliminary report for the 2015/2016 general elections;

security agencies 2015This preliminary report examines the readiness of security agencies with a major focus on the Uganda Police Force (UPF) and other security agencies in delivering electoral security during the 2015/2016 electoral process. It sketches out some unanswered questions that look at how different dynamics might converge to create anarchy and impact on the 2015/2016 electoral outcome.  Read more 


 Updates on Economic Social & Cultural Rights 

clipSpecific report on Economic social and cultural rights cluster to be submitted with UPR major report 2016  Read more

 Updates on Regional and International Mechanisms of Human Rights (RIM)

African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights Reviews Uganda’s Human Rights RIM Watch June, 2015 Issue 7 Emerging issues: a) Committee raises Concerns on Uganda’s quality of the report-is there lack of capacity? b) The human rights violations faced by Ugandan Migrant workers in Southern Sudan, Arab Emirates tops the agenda etc…… 

RIM==Find our latest issue of the RIM WATCH covering Uganda Government interface with the UN Committee on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families on the occasion Uganda’s initial report after years of non-compliance. The Committee among other issues took interest in the plight of Ugandan migrant workers in the Middle East and Southern Sudan, especially girls trafficked for prostitution in the name of ‘labour externalization.’ This interface raised the all-important neglected debate of Labour Externalization v Human Trafficking and more so the dubious companies undertaking such recruitments-Who is watching them? And who is watching those watching them?  Read more

Also featured is a shadow report respectfully submitted to the UN Committee on Migrant Workers On the occasion of its consideration of the Consolidated Periodic Reports of Uganda. Read more

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Fact finding mission Rwenzori sub region

Fact finding mission on Human Rights violations in the Rwenzori sub region June- July 2016


FK evaluation field visits

Fk evaluation field visits June- July 2016

HURINET-U Annual General Meeting 2016

The 22nd HURINET-U AGM 2016 scheduled for 15th July 2016 from 8:00am at the secretariat (Near Ministers village Ntinda), Kampala

Pre-session in Geneva

Participation in the pre-session in Geneva (September -October 2016) remove June-July in the previous monument

Issues Report

 Drafting of an issues report (October-November 2016)