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The Police Watch Magazine

police magaIn this issue, we provide a platform for debate on the current public order management environment in Uganda. Under the theme ‘Public Order Management in Uganda Today: Issues and Perspectives’, the Police Watch brings you different voices from the various stakeholders and what they think about the current POM environment and how best the rights and freedoms of assemblies and demonstrations and the need to maintain law and order can best be balanced. As an accountability-seeking forum from the Uganda Police Force, the Police Watch brings you the worst of the Walk to Work demonstrations and questions how nationalistic, patriotic, professional, disciplined, competent and productive was the Police as it carried out its mandate of managing public disorder. In a quest for solutions, this Issue goes beyond the blame game between the populace, opposition and the police. We are hopeful, that this Issue can contribute to the debate and the pursuit for working, practicable mechanisms to ensure security and safety and enjoyment of rights and freedoms for all citizens of Uganda regardless of their political affiliation. And more importantly, we hope this Issue can be well received by all stakeholders as a mechanism of pushing for Uganda Police Force Reform and Accountability. We acknowledge the input by the working group member organizations and the National Coalition on Police Accountability and Reform member organizations.. read more

The Peace Lens magazine

peaceWhile at the peak of the conflict in Northern Uganda and with urgent need to bring an end to untold suffering for a return to peace, the Northern Uganda conflict presented the most stormy and fierce debate on Justice and Peace with the hunt for a priority of policy. The desire to achieve peace at whatever cost, including amnesty, peace negotiations on the part of the victims and a call for accountability by the international community through the International Criminal Court (ICC), presented a serious paradox that put the two core attributes of transitional justice of Peace and Justice on a collision course. A question of concern would be; whether progress has been registered in the Peace and Justice discourse or a mere going round in circles? This write up articulates lessons and reflections for transitional Justice. “Justice”, is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “the administration of law in a fair and reasonable way.” It is about dealing fairly with the wrongdoings of the past read more

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HURINET-U and Others v The Attorney General

Human Rights Network and Others v The Attorney General Petitioners filed the petition under Article 137(3)(a) of the Constitution challenging sections of the Non-Governmental Organization Registration Act (NGO Act).  Read more