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PRESS Statement For Immediate Release 6th January 2017

 As we close year 2016 and embark on another calendar year HURINET-U takes stock of the human rights terrain and developments that have either facilitated or limited the full enjoyment of the fundamental and basic human rights and freedoms. Hopefully, this will catalyze national reflection on what needs to be done to improve the human rights performance and ensure the enjoyment of rights and freedoms of the Ugandan citizenry. The core issues include the UPR, human rights and freedoms, legislative reforms, international criminal justice and the arms of government.

The Universal Periodic Review Uganda is applauded for subjecting itself to the Universal State to State Peer Review (UPR) on November 3rd, 2016. Out of this review, 226 recommendations were made by 82 member States and majority (143) of these recommendations enjoyed the support of Uganda government, while sixty five (65) have been noted and eighteen (18) are pending awaiting decisions before the official adoption of the 34th session of Human Rights Council in March 2017. The recently given recommendations add to those given during the 2011 UPR. It is important that the State fully implements the recommendations made to it both in the first cycle and the second cycle of UPR. There have been concerns at the slow pace that the State has taken to develop the National Action Plan for the implementation of the human rights recommendations. Read more

Commemorating the International Human Rights Day with the theme "Stand Up for Someone's Rights Today." 10th December 2016

As we commemorate this year's International Human Rights Day, the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC),and partners urge each one of us to stand up for someone's rights. Let us take stock of what we have achieved and failed to achieve in the area of human rights in our country "and work towards making bigger gains. According to reports by human rights institutions such as the Uganda Human Rights Commission and HURINET,Uganda among many others, there are a number of incidents and reports of human rights violations that occurred during the year ranging from violation of freedom from torture; freedom of expression and the right to assemble peacefully, deprivation of life especially the recent killings of security forces as well as royal guards in Kasese District, and the murder of Muslim clerics, deprivation of personal liberty and deprivation of property among others. Read more Read more

The State Has a Responsibility to Protect Its Citizens. 30 November 2016

The Uganda Police Force is constitutionally mandated to keep law and order, detect and prevent crime as well as protecting life and property of the citizens. However, following the events in the Rwenzori sub-region in the last ten years and the skirmishes of violence and attack on the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu on 26 and 27 of November 2016 by police and the military undermines this Constitutional mandate. What continues to baffle most stakeholders is the increased blatant abuse and violation of human rights perpetuated by state security agencies against civilians with impunity. Read more

Human Rights Child Protection Defender Killed Under Unknown Circumstances- Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) Press Conference to Demand for Justice:

As most of you are aware, a few weeks ago, Human Rights Child Protection Defender working with ACODEV was killed under unknown circumstances allegedly by one Kanyamunyu. We feel that Akena's death should not go unaccounted for, and culprit(s) unpunished. To this end therefore, HURINET-U in collaboration with other civil society organizations has organised a press conference scheduled to take place on 30th November 2016 at HURINET-U office gardens. the conference will start at 10:00am. Its critical for CSOs to rise up and challenge this high level of impunity-today its Akena, tomorrow it will be someone else. Read more

Uganda on the Spot Light at Universal Periodic Review Processes Press Statement on the Developments and the State of Rule of LawNovember 3rd, 2016.

We applaud the government of Uganda for subjecting itself to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in 2011 and this period of 2016. We further applaud the government for making progress in the recommendations made in 2011 by inter alia enacting the Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Act, 2012 which is a step in the right direction towards domestication of Uganda‘s obligations under the UN-CAT, establishment of the Child and Family Protection Units at Police stations as a way to offer support to survivors of gender based violence (GBV), establishment of the Police GBV Directorate, which works with the Police force on matters of GBV and the development of the National Action Plan on Human Rights (NAP) whose process was inclusive using a consultative and participatory approach of various sections of the public including CSOs. Nevertheless, we have observed that government's action in terms of positive progress of implementing the 2011 recommendations is minimal when compared with failed compliance with the recommendations. For instance; Uganda has not ratified International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance and has further not ratified the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - ICCPR- OP2 that advocates for abolition of death penalty. Notably, Uganda passed the Public order management Act, 2013 (POMA) despite constant calls to drop some draconian provisions, and also passed the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2016 which imposes heavy administrative burdens on CSOs and also narrows their civic space. Read more


Key Human Rights Concerns in the Unlawful Evictions of Front line Communities by the Uganda Wildlife Authority in Kabarole District. 24th August 2016 In the early 2000s, at least 1000 families who were living in four sub-counties of: Harugongo, Hakibaale, Kabende and Kijura Town Council in Kabarole district were evicted from land they had occupied since the 1950s by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). The affected communities are from 15 villages including: Nyakabira, Bulyambuzi, Mpinga, Igogonya, Nsorro, Kigoro–Rwabihamba, Butuku 1, Butuuku 2, Kabaswiswi, Kisagara, Kihara, Masongora, Kanyabuhuka, Kasesenge and Kyakabaseke. Read more

Narrowing Space for Exercise and Enjoyment of Constitutional Rights in the Current Regime Policing in Uganda, July 2016

For Immediate Release

On the on the 12th July 2016, Dr.KiizaBesigye a former presidential candidate in the just concluded Presidential elections was released on bail. Upon release, he was escorted under tight security to his home in Kasangati. In the process of being escorted, a number of events took place but most importantly, a display of violation of citizens’ rights by security forces especially the Uganda police. On the 13th July 2016, while on his way to the FDC party offices in Najjanankumbi, similar acts of police brutality were carried out against FDC supporters. These above events had very outstanding issues on human rights protection and enjoyment by Ugandan citizens. HURINET-U is concerned that in so doing, the police, the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces and ununiformed men acted with grave impunity and has taken note of the following:  Read more

Industrial Action By UNATU: Government's Failure to Adhere to Teachers Demand Is A serious Blow To The Public Education System.

Uganda National Teachers' Union (UNATU) declared an Industrial Action from the 14th of September 2013 in respect of Government failure to fulfil its commitment of 20% salary increment delayed release of capitation grant and allowances for science Teachers which were negotiated on behalf of all Teachers in Uganda.  Read more

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HURINET-U and Others v The Attorney General

Human Rights Network and Others v The Attorney General Petitioners filed the petition under Article 137(3)(a) of the Constitution challenging sections of the Non-Governmental Organization Registration Act (NGO Act).  Read more